DRUM CHANNEL – Curt Bisquera, Satnam Ragotra , Toss Panos MAN OF STEEL/ Galactic Booty Co. band STUDIO SHOW 1/9/2014



It’s always cool to get to hang out with the world’s greatest drummers.   This was the 165th Drum Channel show and is now simulcast on their YOUTUBE channel and via all mobile devices.


“Galactic Booty Co.”  is a new band that features three drummers did sound track work for  “Man of Steel“.    The band consists of Curt Bisquera, Toss Panos, and Satnam  Ramgotra – three truly remarkable drummers.


They started off playing as a trio with “Kirkee B” on a cocktail kit, Toss Panos on a traditional DW kit, and Satnam Ramgothra on a tabla, cajon and a DW woofer  (Satnam credited Toss with the set up).



The first song was just drumming and then the  Galactic Booty Co. was in full effect when they were joined by Matt Rohde on keyboard and Dan Lutz on the bass  .



The drumming trio was also interviewed on…

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