Dean Zimmer with Terry Bozzio, Gregg Bissonette, Doane Perry, Myron Grombacher and Al Velasquez, Jr. Drum Channel Studios 9/27/2013




Dean Zimmer is finally getting his due.   After his YouTube video caught the attention of people on the Internet, he made the news, was covered in Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post and many other news sources around the world.  Having Dean on the Drum Channel has actually been in the works for many years.

The live Drum Channel show started with Terry Bozzio jamming with Dean.


Stanley Gonzales and Ross Harris – the guys behind “Drummer Wanted : Dean Zimmer”.


They continue gathering footage and documenting Dean’s incredible story.


After the initial jam, Dean and The Woodland Hills Drum Club hopped on the couch and discussed Mark Craney (R.I.P. – he founded the drum club in his garage in 1985 and had some incredible members over the years), Dean’s start in drumming, moving to California from South Dakota (where Mark Craney befriended Dean many years) and jamming with some of…

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